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Global Shipping Delays

At Chill Hoodies we ship from our hub in Asia across the world, unfortunately due to the virus – packages are often being delayed while stuck in a backlog. Delays can occur in both the country of origin and destination. This has had a profound effect on delivery times.┬áTypically, packages would be delivered in 7 to 12 business days when shipping to the United States for example. However, this has almost quadrupled to 30 to 45 business days in some cases.

Taking the above into account, please take this into consideration when placing an order or waiting for an order. We will continue to provide customer support and provide refunds if required (i.e. delivery time exceeds our guarantee of 45 business days). Shipping has also become more expensive for us, however we will be maintaining our free shipping worldwide perk.

If you have any other questions, please get in contact with us using [email protected]


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