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Why we love Black Hoodies

Why we love black hoodies

Black hoodies are incredible. Yes, they are our favourite. Let’s be honest, you can do pretty much anything with a black hoodie. The scope for design is huge. From custom emblems to full prints, black hoodies seem to be the perfect canvas for ANY design.

Being the editor of this blog post, I own a couple of black hoodies. A couple of them from Chill Hoodies. There’s something about them, they give of this cool vibe. I can wear them with anything and I can wear them regardless of my mood.

Not to mention, they are perfect for any demographic. Which in turn, can result in your girlfriend, friends and family members constantly stealing your favourite black hoodie.

This blog post is a simple appreciation for black hoodies and why we love them (why I love them). Do you have a favourite black hoodie? Have you seen our large black hoodie collection? If not, be sure to check it out!

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